Ikraa courses offer the best and easiest learning experience for Student.

The courses are organized in 7 level curriculum starting from kindergarten through to Grade 5. The courses are consistent with Arabic language curriculum offered at Arabic schools.

Who are the target students?

They are appropriate for

  • Supporting teachers in teaching Arabic language and for children wishing to empower their language skills from home.
  • Regular students starting from kindergarten through to K7 classes (3 to 11)
  • Special students (Expats) that speak a language other than Arabic but understand Arabic language
  • Children of Arab Expats can now acquire language online from any place.
  • Non Arabic Speaking Students
  • Students with learning difficulties
  • IKRAA was assessed by specialists of learning difficulties

How do I select the appropriate courses?

Courses are packaged to give the best learning experience and impact. Select the Student Grade package appropriate for target child age or language competency. Alternatively you can select any individual course from Ikraa course offering.

Why should I use Ikraa courses for my children?

Ikraa curriculum proved to achieve Arabic language competencies. It can teache Arabic language from scratch and provide support for students in learning Arabic language.

The courses adopt an innovative methodology that leads to building language competencies in an unprecedented manner. Among its strengths is being

  • Systematic, cumulative
  • Multisensory (visual-auditory)

Further, given the interactive nature of the program, most students will find it motivating to use, and can easily repeat parts of a lesson in case they didn’t grasp it from the first time or need further drill and practice.

Why should I use Ikraa courses for my students or in class?

Ikraa courses offer excellent support for Arabic teachers.

Teachers can use it in class to introduce the material. It relieves them of the preparation and helps them focus on advanced learning topics.

The courses are designed to be consistent with Arabic language curriculum and can be offered over a school year.

Teachers can also recommend+ it to their students to review from home what they learned in class.