About Ikraa Learn Arabic Online Academy and Ikraa Arabic e-learning Courses

Ikraa Academy is an online platform (e-school) that has more than 50 self learning e-courses that teach the Reading, Writing and Speaking the Arabic language in just 5 working days or 35 hours.New content including e-stories will be added in due time.

Ikraa e-courses conquered the challenge learning Arabic Language in an unprecedented manner. The e-courses adopts an innovative teaching methodology designed to accelerate and achieve learning the Arabic language in the most effective and efficient way possible which is a proven track record of 35 hours. Ikraa users/learners, learn reading and writing letters, combining letters to form words and words into sentences then paragraphs and in gross reading and writing 1256 words and paragraphs in 35 hours, with the ikraa for all course. Other e-courses include Reading, Sciences, Atamakkan enforcement courses, most frequently used Arabic words and phrases, Grammar and Dictation writing rules e-courses.


Ikraa e-courses integrate an innovative learning methodology with Audio, Videos, and Photos that speeds up the learning process. Not only does Ikraa e-courses enforce the Arabic language but also teaches the grammar and dictation rules, most frequently used words in Arabic, Science topics in connection with alphabets. We have grouped ikraa courses into packages that suit students and other packages that suit adults from various speaking backgrounds.


Ikraa Academy is an online LMS and school system with Ikraa e-courses that could be accessed through web and mobile platforms. It is the first complete Arabic Language Platform designed for all age groups wanting to learn Arabic in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Ikraa stands for software programs/ e-courses that have proven track record in accelerating learning essential and base skills of reading and writing Arabic language in 35 hours, with 100% success rate, in field experiences, since 2008,  in three countries Lebanon, Egypt and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as Palestinian and Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.


Ikraa assisted school children with difficulties in learning the Arabic language with Arabic skills with Schools using Ikraa courses to aid students from KGI till Grade 6 with the learning process. Projects for Syrian and Palestinian Refugees helped in integrating school leavers back into the formal schooling system.


For adults, ikraa equipped learners with literacy and internet skills that are basic work skills, ensuring social and economic inclusion and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for these. In repeated implementations facilitated the transformation of illiterate artisan women to become e-commerce merchants. Ikraa facilitated integration school leavers


Expats and Non-Arabs wishing to learn Arabic benefitted of Ikraa e-courses that are now accessible to billions of users around the world, through this online academy.


Ikraa has been awarded and recognized by international organizations for its ability to deliver on teaching the Arabic Language in just 35 hours. Ikraa received several awards and mentions. Ikraa is awarded UNESCO creativity award, is documented among best practices and policy approach of International Telecom Union (ITU) in its connected school project. It is a finalist in Stockholm Challenge ranking 11ths worldwide and is valued in WSIS reports 2013, 2015, 2018.

Vision and Mission

Learning the Arabic Language is becoming a need for billions of users around the world with so many limitations and challenges. For one, time estimates to learn basics of reading and writing range from 9 months to 2 years. Ikraa achieved advances competencies in only 35 hours.


Ikraa online academy with its e-courses is set to address this challenge by taking into accounts various group categories aiming to reach Ikraa e-courses to these users.

Learn Arabic 
Language Online

Why Ikraa?

Ikraa address the need to learn Arabic language is for everyone and whoever has used Ikraa has benefited greatly making a big difference, with a proven 100% success rate. Ikraa offers 4 types of programs:

Learn Arabic 
Language Online

Ikraa for Illiteracy Eradication

With its creative curriculum, it teaches native speakers how to read and the write the Arabic language as well as basic computer skills. Targets all illiterate Arabs from all age groups, big or small.

Learn Arabic 
Language Online

Ikraa for Schools

A support tool used by schools, comprising of a full stack curriculum from KG1 to Grade 5, 7 levels inclusive with e-courses covering reading, writing and grammar lessons, learning games and unique exercises.

Learn Arabic 
Language Online

Ikraa for Expats and non-Arabic Speakers

The e-courses are complemented with non-Arabic language support that helps non-Arabic speakers learn easily and efficiently.

Our target audience

Ikraa targets all ages, young children, teenagers and adults all wanting to learn how to read, write, speak and understand Arabic. Ikraa programs fall into three main track