IKRAA focuses on building up technical reading and writing skills and building commonly used language terms. This gives it the potential to streamline smoothly with school Arabic language curricula. Incidentally students would learn how to use and become familiar with computers as an education tool.

Target Student Categories

  • Regular students starting from kindergarten through to K7 classes (3 to 11)
  • The experiments proved that it would be a competent tool in supporting learning Arabic language and enforcing learned skills consistently with Arabic language School curricula.
  • Special students (Expats) that speaks language other than Arabic but understand Arabic language
  • Non Arabic Speaking Students
  • Students with learning difficulties
  • IKRAA was critiqued by specialists of learning difficulties. The following Strengths were identified

Strengths of the Program:

It has the following characteristics which are critical to any remedial reading program:

  • Synthetic rather analytical
  • Systematic, cumulative
  • Multisensory (visual-auditory)
  • Doesn’t use whole word approach.

Further, given the interactive nature of the program, most students will find it motivating to use, and can easily repeat parts of a lesson in case they didn’t grasp it from the first time or need further drill and practice.


The difficulty of learning Arabic language acts as a barrier that prevents students from capturing and comprehending other material, eventually taking the choice of leaving school.

Using IKRAA in schools to support Arabic language tool proved to be successful tool in increasing retention of School Students.

Ikraa online academy is an online schools that ports ikraa e-courses and is based on Learnnet e-learning interactive system. Ikraa academy has all ikraa courses and empowers administrators to register any number of students in ikraa courses based on their level of Arabic language competency.

Dedicated Ikraa academies have been established to implement project for adult illiteracy eradication.

Also several schools are implementing such academies to support students in Learning Arabic language.