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Ikraa academy offers a suit of online Self Learning (e-learning) Arabic courses For Arabic speakers who want to enforce their Arabic Language reading writing , grammar and speaking skills and with translation support for non-Arabic speakers from different background and who has different mother language. Available programs for Adults wishing to build reading writing and for Students who want to learn Arabic language skills in 7 levels

Choose your favorite program and it will teach you Arabic or proceed at your pace


Learn to Read, Write and pronounce 1266 Arabic letters, words, sentences Language in 24 lessons with Ikraa for all Course or go by level with Ikraa Reading Courses


Then proceed to Learn Arabic most frequently used words with the enforcement courses (Atamakkan)


Explore the science courses to learn Arabic Names names of Animals, Human Body, colors, plants, trees, vegetables and bugs


Move forward to the Grammar and Dictation courses to Learn Arabic Language Writing Rules and techniques


Enforce your Arabic Conversation skills with Speak Arabic Course

Select Your Preferred Program


7 Levels to develop Reading, Writing, Grammar and Dictation Skills for Arabic and Non-Arabic Speakers

Adult Learning

Learn to Read and Write Arabic Language in 35 hours (For Arabic and Non-Arabic Speakers)

SDG Programs

Adult Learning and Digital Transformation Programs for Sustainable Development Goals and Proverty Reduction


Learn Arabic 1266 letter, words and phrases

Learn how to speak, read and write 1266 Arabic letters, words and sentences in 35 hours and only 24 lessons.

Learn Arabic most frequently used words

Learn to read and write the most frequently used words in Arabic in five levels

Learn Arabic Grammar

Teaches Arabic grammar rules and applications in five levels. Learn how to use names, verbs, verb tenses, articles, sentence composition and more. Apply your knowledge with interactive exercises assisted with audio instructions.

Learn Arabic Dictation Rules

Learn basic and advanced rules of spelling in five levels. Comes with audio instructions, and interactive exercises.

Learn Arabic Science Terms

Learn to read, write Arabic Names of human body parts, colors, family, tree sections, plant sections, vegetables, animals, insects in eight interactive and fun lessons. Come with audio instructions and interactive exercises.

Learn Arabic Conversation

This courses has 37 modules covering 37 conversational topics. Easy to use and appropriate for travelers and business people who want to build their conversational skills in an easy way.

Non-Arabic Speakers

Learn Arabic 
Language Online
Learn Arabic 
Language Online
Learn Arabic 
Language Online
Learn Arabic 
Language Online
Learn Arabic 
Language Online
Learn Arabic 
Language Online
Learn Arabic 
Language Online
Learn Arabic 
Language Online
Learn Arabic 
Language Online

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